Goal safety is one of our main concerns. Please watch the video on Zach's Law.

No child is to be playing on the goals, climbing or swinging on them or playing on the net.  This is dangerous.  If a goal should fall, a child could be hurt or even killed.  PLEASE keep your child OFF the goals.  

Safety First!!

Concussion has became a big concern in sports.  Please make yourself aware of the reasoning behind a coach or referees actions when a child takes a hit to the head. Risk Management Registration must be completed by all Staff, Board, Volunteers,

Coach/ Team Admins

Please take the courses by clicking on the button above.

Safety First!!

The US Center for SafeSport, an independent 501 (c)(3) authorized pursuant to the Safe Sport Act, with jurisdiction over the USOC and NGBs with regard to the safeguarding amateur athletes against abuse, including emotional, physical and sexual abuse, in sports, and which has been further tasked with further duties in the areas of education, policy development, and response and resolution.




Players from fall will use the same t-shirt from fall 2020 season.  Those registering new for this spring 2020 season will get a t-shirt.  PLEASE understand some of these may not match.  We are trying to save costs to get us through the spring season.


ALL fall registrations covered the fall 2020 season only.  Everyone will need to register again for the spring 2021 season. 




Please read the update on shirts at the link above "Player Shirts"

Extra socks are sold at the concession.